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Payment, Modification, Cancellation, and Refunds

The following policy applies to all Reservation Fees, Payments, Modifications, Cancellations, and Refunds at all facilities permitted by the Montgomery County Maryland Office of Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF). 

1.      Fees, General. All individuals and organizations must pay for the use of public facilities as CUPF is non-tax supported and reimburses MCPS and the County for the cost impacts of community use. The fee schedules posted on the CUPF website and as integrated within the ActiveMONTGOMERY online reservation software adhere to the County’s fiscal policies which requires for profit and out of County individuals and organizations to pay a higher fee. 

2.      Financial Obligation. By submitting a reservation, User is making a financial obligation on behalf of themself, and where applicable, an organization in which they represent.

3.      Review of Fees Assessed Online. Fees generated by ActiveMontgomery in a reservation are preliminary and may be updated based on tax status or use, upon review by CUPF staff, and in rare cases the reservation could be canceled.

4.      Commitment. By submitting a reservation, User agrees to pay for the charges assessed on an approved reservation even if User or the organization they represent do not use the facility unless written request for cancellation is submitted via the Reservation Amendment Form in a timely manner, in which case User will only pay the applicable cancellation fees. Failing to use the facility does not remove the charges assessed. User agrees not to submit a reservation to secure space for the sole purpose of a cost estimate or availability and agrees to make full payment prior to use of the space.

5.      Payment, General. For general use, payment is due at the time of reservation. If qualified for a payment plan under Priority VI Use High Volume, facilities or event types specified herein with other terms, or other Conditions of Use, User agrees to make payments on-time as scheduled. 

6.      Account Balance. User is responsible for regularly checking the balance on the

ActiveMONTGOMERY account and making payment per the Agreement; User further agrees that any additional charges incurred are due immediately. 

7.      Emergency Cancellation or Other Cancellations Initiated by CUPF or MCPS. If CUPF cancels community use due to inclement weather, public health, or any other emergency situation, or due to a conflict with MCPS or School internal use, a full refund will be issued without User group needing to contact CUPF.

8.      General Use Cancellation and Modification. Unless specified otherwise herein or in a separate Conditions of Use (COU) or CUPF policy related to a specific facility or event/activity type, all user requests for cancellation of a permit in its entirety or cancellation of a specific date or set of dates on a permit, the following conditions apply:

A.      Modifications and Cancellations must be submitted in writing via the Reservation Amendment Form on the CUPF website.

B.      Cancellations will incur the following fees: 

i.       10 or more business days’ notice: $25.00 fee, remaining charges refunded;

ii.     less than 10 business days: all fees will be retained;

C. Modifications will incur a $25.00 fee in addition to any additional charges for facility use, equipment, or staff.

9.      Large Event Payment, Modification, and Cancellation. The payment, modification, and cancellation policy including applicable fees for Large or Special Events in School buildings, Stadiums, and School Athletic Fields is as follows:

A.      CUPF will collect a $250.00 application fee (down payment) at the time of application; this fee will be applied to the total cost of the permit and not an additional charge to the permit.

B.      Payment: Upon approved reservation, half of the total permit cost is due within 14 days; the remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the event start date. C. Modifications and Cancellations.

i.         Must be submitted in writing via the Reservation Amendment Form on the CUPF website;

ii.       Changes/ modifications may not be made to the permit(s) within 10 days of the event except as may be allowed in the terms of the FULA.

iii.     Modifications will incur a $25.00 fee in addition to any additional charges for facility use, equipment, or staff.

iv.     Cancellations will incur the following fees:

a.      46 days’ notice or more: $50.00 cancellation fee;

b.      45-30 days’ notice or more: $250.00 cancellation fee;

c.       10-29 days’ notice: 50% of facility charges;

d.      less than 10 business days’ notice: 100% of the facility and staff charges;

e.      any separate equipment fees and or extra staff charges will be refunded;

f.        a special event can be re-scheduled one time with at least 30-days’ notice; however, the confirmation fee will be retained.

10.  Rainout Credits, Outdoor School Facilities permitted by CUPF. All refund requests for Natural Grass Athletic Field, Tennis Court, and Outdoor Basketball Court use cancelled due to inclement weather must be submitted to in a sortable spreadsheet identifying the permit reservation number, the date of each rainout, and the specific facility location within 15 calendar days of the completion of each scheduling season in order to receive credits. Refer to the FULA and facility-specific Conditions of Use regarding automatic cancellation of Natural Grass Athletic Turf Fields and Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields during inclement weather such as extreme heat or rainfall. Requested refund dates and times are verified by data and other weather tracking record databases.

11.  Additional Fees and Charges. User is responsible for any additional charges resulting from use of a public facility to include damages, access before the reservation time, late departure, use of unreserved areas, additional clean-up, or violation of the Conditions of Use (COU) and or the Facility Use License Agreement (FULA), including any and all applicable fines, fees, and penalties.

12.  Collections. If User does not submit payment(s) when due or if the credit card or check cannot be transacted, User is still responsible for the charges; outstanding balances will be referred to the Montgomery County Attorney Office for collection.

13.  Refunds. Unless otherwise agreed, CUPF will issue approved refunds to the original form of payment, when possible, within 30 days of transaction being processed.